-In the Netherlands, the Permanent Court of International Justice opens in The Hague.

-The Fascist plot to control Italy comes to a head. Fascist leader Benito Mussolini, at a fascist party congress in
benito mussoliniNaples, demands formation of a fascist Italian government, but is rebuked by the ruling Facta coalition government. On Oct. 28, Mussolini and his followers stage a massive march on Rome. Italy's King Victor Emmanuel III refuses to declare martial law, and the outraged Luigi Facta resigns. On Oct. 31, Mussolini, at the request the king, forms a cabinet of fascists and nationalists, ostensibly to stop the nation's political strife. On Nov. 25, Mussolini is granted dictatorial authority and he begins to consolidate the government with fascist underlings.

-With the Bolsheviks victorious in their civil war for control of Russia, Lenin proclaims the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), binding Russia, White Russia, Ukraine, and Transcaucasia, with central government authority in Moscow.

-German political philosopher Oswald Spengler publishes his Decline of the West.

-Egypt becomes independant from Britain under King Fuad.

-The German mark begins to devalue due to heavy World War I reparation demands by France and other nations, ushering in a period of German hyperinflation.

-Women's fashions deemed so revealing that Catholic Pope Pius XI urges a campaign against them.louise brooks

mah jongg-The mah jongg invasion: American oil executive in China Joseph Babcock becomes hooked on a Chinese game, simplifies the rules, and markets his version in the U.S. in 1922. By 1923, the game mah jongg becomes a national craze, selling 1.6 million sets.

-Dance marathons become the newest craze.

-Katherine Mansfield's Garden Party, considered her finest collection of short stories, is published in U.K.

-T.S. Elliot writes The Wasteland.

dancing girls-F.W. Murnau's horror film masterpiece Nosferatu premieres in Germany. Regarded as the first vampire film.

-Robin Hood, big budget adventure film starring Douglas Fairbanks Sr., premieres.

-Free-form dance pioneer and free spirit Isadora Duncan performs at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

babe ruth -Babe Ruth signs three-year contract with New York Yankees for salary of 52,000 dollars a year (the highest salary for a ballplayer up to that time), meaning his pay equaled about 40 percent of the entire Yankee payroll. By 1927, The Babe was earning 70,000 dollars a year on his contract.

-Johnny Weissmuller is first to break the one minute mark in the 100 meter swim.

-The British Broadcasting Co. (BBC) is founded; first broadcasts on Nov. 14 and is licensed on January 18, 1923.

Neils Bohr -Niels Bohr of Denmark publishes theory that electrons orbit an atom's nucleus in concentric circles. Bohr receives the Nobel Prize for Physics for his groundbreaking work on the structure of atoms.

-British physicist and inventor of the mass spectrograph, Francis William Aston, wins Nobel Prize for chemistry for his discoveries about atomic isotopes.

-British Egyptologists George Carnarvon and Howard Carter unearth King Tutankhamen's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, the only tomb that remained unlooted through the centuries.