-Stalin demonstreates Communism by collectivising Russian Farms, making everything property of the state.

-Brital, U.S., France, Japan, and Italy met in London to discuss reducing their naval fleets.

-Reported that 1000's of Russians escape to Poland to avoid collective work.

-French troops evacuate the Rhineland five years early. Germany is still expected to respect the terms of the Versailles Treaty.

Britain promises independance to Iraq.

-Hitler says he will scrap the Versailles Treaty.

-Greece and Turkey sign a friendship treaty at Ankara.

In the U.S, Hoover creates a commitee for unemployment relief.

-10 years after the prohibition began, the deaths from alchol rose by 6 times the rate it was 10 years before.

-Germany bans the film, "All Quiet On The Western Front".

-John Barrymore stars in the film, "Moby Dick".

-Gershwin's musical, "Girl Crazy", opens in Ney York. It featurs the hit song, "I Got Rhythm".

-"All Quiet On the Western Front", wins two Acadamy Awards for Best Picture, and Best Director.

-Norway's Sonja Henia, a 17 year old figure skater, wins World's Amateur Singkes Champion, for the 5th consecutive time.

-Bobby Jones, winner of the Grand Slam of Golf retires.

-Ney York installs traffic lights, invented by Garret A. Morgan.

-Thomas Edison tests the 1st U.S. electrical train.

-Karl Landsteiner wins Nobel Prize for medical work on blood groups.