Here's a few places to check if you need more in depth information. This section of the site is divided into fourdifferent categorizes:

General Sites, Sites relating to Specific Events (ie. Crash of '29), Sites relating to people of the time and Textbooks Used.

General Sites

History Place: A wonderful site that has information on everything from the American Revolution to World War II. Although it is primarly concerned with American events.

Info Please: Another wonderful site that has information on every olympic game and more.

History Channel: Milestones of the Millenium: This site contains info on the many milestones in sports, literature, science, etc. Very good site; however, information covers the 100 of the most important events over one thousand years, so has little information on the Inter-War Years.

HyperHistory Online: A timeline that reaches back to 1000 B.C. It is colour-coded, so that it easy to understand. Very intersting site.

The United States History Index: Contains various timelines, biographies of individuals and lots more information. Relatively good site; however, it does deal with only the United States and not other countries.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive: Site has information on past winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, physics, literature, peace and physiology and medicine.

The Pulitzer Prizes: Find out who won the Pulitizer Prize each year and learn more about the award at this site.

1920s Website: This site deals with the 1920s (obviously ) and with the arts and culture of that time period.

The 1920's Experience: Great site for information on the 1920s. Has information about inventions, people and events.

America in the 1930's Homepage: This site revolves around what was on film, on the air, in print and on display during the 1930s.

The Big Timeline: This site has a timeline from 1917 to 1933. Contains information about the rise of the KKK and about the end of prohibition.

To War or Not to War: This site contains information on four of the main countries - Russia, France, America and Britain.

Canadian History: Contains information on Canadian history, including a timeline from 1911 to the present.

Specific Sites

Versailles Treaty Contents: Everything you wanted to know about the treaty and more. Includes cartoons, maps and charts.

The Faults of the World War I Peace Settlement: This site has information on the faults of the Treaty of Versailles.

League of Nations Chronology: Contains information on the fight nations had to begin the League of Nations.

The Crash of 1929: Deals with Stock Market Crash. A lot of reading, with little pictures, but it's informative.

Black Thursday: October 24, 1929 - Introduction: This site clearly has information on the Stock Market Crash. It contains life before and the aftermath of the crash. As well, it contains headlines.

Spanish Revolution of 1936: Information about the Spanish Civil War, that lasted from 1936 to 1939. Contains no images, only information.

Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War: A wonderful site about the Spanish Civil War with eyewitness accounts and people involved in the civil war.

People Sites

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia: Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography: Great site that contains information on the 32nd president who was president from 1933 until his death in 1945.

K-12 TLC Guide to Franklin D. Roosevelt: A comprehensive site that has the best links to information about FDR. Contains links to his speeches and other articles relating to the former president.

Roosevelt's speech of 1941: This site contains various sound clips regarding Pearl Harbor, including President Roosevelt's speech.

"Radio Days - Neville Chamberlain": Contains sound clips of Chamberlain's speeches and a short paragraph of information on the former Prime Minister.

Great Comamnders of WWII: Arthur Neville Chamberlain: Information on Chamberlain's rise in Britain and information on his actions before and during World War II.

The Rise of Adolf Hitler: Contains information of Hitler's rise to becoming Chancellor of Germany. Includes information about his childhood.

Who2 Profile: Adolf Hitler: This site contains sound bites, photos and a biography of his career.

Hitler Historical Museum: This site also contains sound bites and images, but it also contains information on his writings and his various associates.

Bios: Mussolini: This site contains background information on Benito Mussolini, the fascist leader of Italy. Includes his rise to success.

Grolier Encyclopedia: Benito Mussolini: Contains information on Mussolini and his acts of military aggression. Great site to visit.

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia: Herbert Hoover: This site contains information on the 31st president of the United States, including his actions during the Great Depression.

Textbooks Used

Global Forces of the Twentieth Century by E. Alyn Mitchner and R. Joanne Tuffs.

A Map History of the Modern World: Canadian Edition by Brian Catchpole. All maps found on the Map Page are from this textbook.