Anschluss: Germany's annexation of Austria or the joining of Germany with Austria.

Appeasement: Giving in to a "bully." Often associated with Chamberlain. (ie. Britain giving Germany Sudetenland)

Article #231: War Guilt Clause used in Treaty of Versailles. States that Germany was entirely to blame for the start of World War I.

Axis: An alliance between Japan, Italy and Germany.

Blitzkrieg: A three wave attack developed by Germany.

Colonies: A country or area that is under the control of a more powerful nation. This is how other nations often are able to have obtain resources. (ie. Most of Africa was colonies of British, France and Germany.)

Co-Prosperity Sphere: Japanese control over the Pacific Rim countries.

Disarmament: The reduction or dissolvement of arms and military equipment.

Drag Nach Osten: Push to the east.

Eurocentric: Belief that Europe is best.

Festung Europe: A fortress protecting all of Northern Europe. Created by Germany, after defeating France.

Imperialism: The building of an empire.

Irridenta: Redeem lands. Associated with Italy's desire for Dalmation Coast.

Isolationism: Showing interest only in own country and refusing to be involved in international events. Separation from other countries in economic, military and political situations.

Lend-Lease: The United States, though acting as a neutral country, sends equipment to the allies.

Lebensraum: Space to live in the east.

Maginot Line: A fortresss built by the French to protect them from Germany. It wasnot effective.

Mein Kampf: An autobiography by Hitler, that he wrote before becoming German Chancellor.

Munich Putsch: A failed attempt, by Hitler, to take over city hall in Munich. He was arrested for the attempt.

Nationalism: Great love of your own country. Concerned primarily with own country.

Panzers: New German tanks.

Phoney War: From September of 1939 to May of 1940, when allies waited as Germany expanded and took over new territory.

Quisling: A traitor. It comes from a traitor in Norway, Quisling, who opened ports for German troops.

Reparations: Paying for war damages.

Revenche: Spirit of revenge. Associated with France's desire to 'rip the guts out of Germany.'

Self-Determination: Ethnic groups are able to create own control. The ability of a nation or the people within that nation to decide how it will be govererned. (ie. Sudetenland claimed self-determination when they wanted to join with Germany.