-Congress promises Philippines independence in a 66 to 22 vote, overriding President Hoover's veto. The bill sets quotas for Filipino immigration to the U.S. and allows U.S. military bases to remain on the island.

-Adolf HitlerHitler is named German Chancellor 30/1/33

-Japan walks out of League of Nations due to Manchuria, China 25/2/33

-Attempted assassination on president-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt

-Reichstag, German parliament building, is set on fire and destroyed. Nazi members claim Communists at work.

-In Germany, jails are bursting with people, with over 15 000 people arrested in Prussia in one month. Nazis solve this problem by opening the 1st concentration camp. 20/3/33

-The Enabling Act of 23 March 1933 provided Hitler with the power to rule without the consent of the Reichstag, for four years. He abolishs the Communist, German Nationalist and Social Democratic Party, in order to cease opposition parties against the Nazi party. The Nazi party is the only remaining legal party in Germany.

FDR -Franklin D. Roosevelt is sworn in as the 32nd president of the United States and plans to end joblessness and ease the stress of the Great Depression. 4/3/33

-Hitler is granted dictatorial powers as the Reichstag gives supreme power to Hitler's cabinet as last act of duty. 23/3/33

-Japan and China sign truce. 31/5/33

-Hitler passes a law stating that citizens who are "less than perfect" will be sterilized in order to create a perfect society. 26/7/33

-Jewish citizens are being arrested and sent to prison camps by the Nazis for talking with German girls to imitating the Nazi salute and insulting the state.

-Italy and USSR agree on non-aggression treaty. 25/8/33

-Germany leaves the League of Nations at the disarmament conference. Hitler criticizes the Treaty of Versailles, believing that it treated Germany as a "second-class citizen," which the world still is doing, 14 years after the treaty. 14/10/33Drinking legal

-United States recognizes the Communist government of the USSR.

-Prohibition Ends!. The 18th amendment has been repelled, allowing Americans to drink legally once more, after surviving on bootlegged liquor for 13 years.

-President Roosevelt closes all banks. This is done to allow time for congress to pass legislation needed to help restructure the economy. 6/3/33

-Roosevelt reopens banks after eight days.

-The stock market had five million shares traded in one day, the most activity that Wall Street has seen in six months. Stock prices went up as a result of Franklin Roosevelt's decision to abandon the gold standard in order to put the nation at the same monetary level with other countries around the world. 19/4/33

-President Roosevelt signs into law the National Industrial Recovery Act which allows the federal government to seek labour and management cooperation. This will be in hopes of mending minimum wage, creating shorter working hours and the regulation of production, to prevent over-production of products. Administered by the NRA (National Recovery Administration), it will use federal funds for the social programs. 16/6/33

-In Germany, Jewish merchants are banned by the Nazis.

Burning Books -In Germany, books declared "un-German" are banned and burned by the Nazi party.

-New dance craze "Nira" sweeps through New York. The "Nira" was in named in honour of the National Recovery Administration.

Lost Horizon -The U.S. government removes the ban placed on Ulysses.

-Lost Horizon by author, James Hilton, is released. It will go on to become a bestseller.

-The Store by T. S. Stribling is released and wins the Pultizer Prize.

-The Private Life of Henry VIII is released and the Charles Laughton later goes on to win the Oscar for his role as King Henry VIII.Cavalcade

-Cavalcade, a story which looks at the great events that occurred between 1899 and 1933 (ie. Titanic and WWI), wins the Oscar for Best Motion Picture, Best Director and Best Art Direction

-Other movies that were stunning and entertaining were: Little Women(starring Katherine Hepburn), The Invisible Man, King Kong and Three Little Pigs.

Stanley Cup

-Primo Carnera (aka Italian Giant) became the 1st Italian to win the world heavy-weight boxing championship. Carnera beat Jack Sharkey in the 6th round. The fight was to be a 15-round match.

-New York Giants win World Series against Washington Senators.

-New York Rangers beat the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup.

=Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac -Albert Einstein arrives in the United States and settles in Princeton, New Jersey after leaving Germany due to the problems the government has with the Jewish German citizens.

-The Nobel Prize for Physics is awarded to Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac and Erwin Shrödinger. The were co-recipients of the award for the discovery of new forms of the atomic theory.

-Vitamin B-2 is isolated and is now able to be synthesized in a laboratory.