-Congress promises Philippines independence in a 66 to 22 vote. The bill sets quotas for Filipino immigration to the U.S. and allows U.S. military bases to remain on the island.

-A new Philippine independence bill is passed by Congress after the last bill calling for the independence of the Philippines was rejected by Manuel Quezon, Philippine's commissioner. The new bill calls for Philippine's independence by 1946. 24/3/34

-Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania renew their friendship pact with the Soviet Union until 1945.

-The Soviet Union and Poland have extended their non-aggression pact until 1945. 5/5/34

-The objectives of the New Deal have been set by President Roosevelt as being home, old age and job security. 8/6/34

-A pact agreement has been signed by Poland, Rumania and the USSR, which guarantees present borders. 8/6/34

-An "alleged" attempted coup by German's militia chief (SA chief) Ernst Rohm and followers was foiled by Hitler. Rohm and his followers were executed. This will become known as The Night of the Long Knives.

-Franz von Papen resigns as German vice-chancellor.

-Heinrich Himmler has taken command of Germany's concentration camps and is chief of SS (which holds the same responsibilities as the SA that Rohm was leader of). They are dedicated to Hitler.

President Hitler -Hitler becomes new President of Germany seventeen days after President Hindenburg dies. 10% of citizens dared not to vote, while almost 90% of voters approved of the decision to make Hitler president. Hitler is now more power than any other leader in the world as he is both the legislator and executive branch in his government. 19/8/34

-Washington reveals that Germany is creating U-Boats in foreign factories. 6/9/34

-Luftwaffe, Germany's air force made countries vulnerable from a possible air attack.

-USSR and Afghanistan join the League of Nations.

-Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia sign the Baltic Entente. 12/9/34

-Italy and Ethopia issue a state of friendship.

-Japan conquers Manchukuo in China.

-President Roosevelt devalues the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar becomes worth 59.6 cents as the government sets the price for an ounce of gold - \\$35. 31/1/34

-Hitler has stopped paying back the foreign debt Germany has accumulated as a result of World War I. He claims that Germany does not have any money and, therefore, he is ceasing all attempts to pay back the debt. 14/6/34

-Finland remains the only country who has payed back the debt they owe to other countries. Every other country is late on the payment they are suppose to be making. 14/6/34

Joseph Kennedy -The United States received only \\$166 000 of the $500 000 000 it is due from foreign countries.

-Joseph Kennedy will head the newly formed Securities and Exchange Commission and will serve a five-year term. President Roosevelt hopes that this will cause illegal pooling of funds to stop in the Stock Exchange and will allow the Federal Reserve Board to set credit limits.

-Jazz and baseball gain popularity in Moscow.

-Morro Castle, a luxury liner, burns off the Jersey shore, killing nearly 130 people while hundreds of thousands witnesses stood watch.

Tender is the Night -F. Scott Fitzgerald releases his 8th novel, Tender is the Night.

-Bank robbers Bonnie (Parker) and Clyde (Barrow) are killed in a police ambush.

-A New York gallery has on display Salvador Dali's works. His pieces include Commode Used as a Diurnal Fly and Myself at the Age of Ten When I Was a Grasshoper Child. His work is often considered neurotic.

-Women get the right to vote in Turkey.

It Happened One Night -Frank Capra's film It Happened One Night, starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, is released. It will go on to five Oscars, including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture.

Fred and Ginger -Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers team up for the 2nd time in The Gay Divorcee.

-Lady Macbeth of Mzensk, an opera by Shostakovich, opens.

-Cole Porter releases three smash hits: Blue Moon, Anything Goes and All Through the Night.

-In Miami, Primo Carnera defends world heavyweight title against Tommy Loughran. 1/3/34

-Max Baer beats Primo Carnera, claiming world title. 13/6/34

-Italy defeats Czechoslovakia for soccer's World Cup.

-At Wimbledon, Fred Perry beats Jack Crawford in all three matches. (6-3; 6-0; 7-5).

-In the ladies competition at Wimbledon, Dorothy Round beats Helen Jacobs, by defeating her in two of the three matches. (6-2; 5-7; 6-3)

Harold Urey -Harold Clayton Urey discovers heavy hydrogen and is able to isolate it. He goes on to win the Noble Prize in Chemistry for his discovery.

-A new treatment for pernicious anemia was discovered by American scientists George Minot, William Murphy and George Whipple. The trio discovered that by ingesting beef liver, pernicious anemia could be treated. They go on to win the Noble Prize in Medicine.