Pierre Laval -Libya is created as three Italian colonies, Cyrenaica, Tripoli and Fezan, merge.

-French Foreign Minister Pierre Laval and Benito Mussolini, Italian Premier, sign the Italo-French agreement. The agreement primarily deals with Africa and allows Mussolini to place a greater interest in Africa.

-Germany receives Saar Basin as of March 1, in a decision by the League of Nations.

-The Red army is under command of Mao once more.

League of Nations Building -The tension between Italy and Ethiopia continues to rise as Italians mobilize. The League of Nations debate the conflict, but do not act.

-Paraguay leaves the League of Nations.

-Military conscription has been reapplied in Germany as Hitler abandons the Treaty of Versailles. 16/3/35

-Persia has been renamed Iran.

-Britain, France and Italy agree to join forces in response to Hitler. 23/3/35

-Russia and Britain agree on treaties in an effort to stop Germany's gaining power.

-An alliance with Germany has been rejected by Japan.

-The League of Nations had an unanimous verdict on Germany's armament, but Germany rejected the verdict.

-Poland's parliament has been dissolved by a new constitution that was passed.

Stanley Baldwin -The NRA has been abolished, as the U.S. Supreme Court states that it is unconstitutional, since it allows the government to operate outside of their constitutional limits. The WPA (Works Progress Administration) will be used instead of the NRA now.

-Czechoslovakia will be protected from invasion by the USSR, in an agreement that passed between the two nations.

-A 12-day truce has been agreed upon by Bolivia and Paraguay in the Chaco War.

-In Mexico, Catholics demonstrate for greater religious freedom.

-British prime minister Ramsay MacDonald has been replaced by Stanley Baldwin.

-Tension remains in Northern China as China demands Japan remove an army, while Japan demands the right to approve all Chinese administrators in the Peking and Tientsin areas.

-President Roosevelt has signed the National Labour Relations Act which allows employees to join labour organizations and allows the National Labour Relations Board to investigate poor conditions and unfair employment practices.

-Diplomatic relations occur between USSR and Belgium.

Haile Selassie -In Ethiopia, Haile Selassie rejects Italian's influence, and urges citizens to fight. He compares the fight to David and Goliath.

-Italy demands entire control of Ethiopia.

-Addis Ababa is evacuated as a threat of war with Italy grows in Ethiopia.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Neutrality Act, which forbids arms to be shipped to countries at war.

-League of Nations believes neither Ethiopia or Italy are at fault for the conflict.

-Manuel Luis Quezon wins presidency in first election in the Philippines since its own constitution has been implemented.

-League of Nations will impose sanctions on Italy if they go to war with Ethiopia.

-Nazis' new law, Nuremburg Laws, prevent Jewish people to enter politics, marrying German citizens, raising the German flag and employing German women less than 45 years old.

-Ethiopia is invaded by Italian troops. Planes bomb Adowa, Adigrat. League of Nations blames Italy and imposes sanctions, while removing the sanctions placed on Ethiopia. The United States will not supply either country with arms.

-Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan sign a pact of non-aggression.

-As the stock exchange closes, the franc is devalued by Belgium.

-The United States Congress passed the Revenue Act , which raises the inheritance tax.

-President Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act which provides care for the elderly, unemployed and handicapped. Roosevelt fulfills a campaign promise he made in 1932. It will be funded by payroll taxes.

-A four-day coal strike ends as a result of a \\$90 million pay raise.

Mary Cassatt Picture -Alcoholics Anonymous starts.

-St. Sophia's Mosque, in Istanbul, has been turned into a museum.

-Mary Cassatt exhibit opens in New York.

-Berlin is home to the world's largest auto show.

-Archaeologists find the world's oldest known city, dated back to 3750 BC. Benny Goodman The expedition was headed by Charles Bache and is located halfway between Baghdad and the Persian Gulf.

-In Paris, saxophone player Coleman Hawkins joins Django Reinhardt (guitar player) in a concert. The concert was to celebrate the new magazine, "Jazz Hot."

-An art exhibit by Thomas Hart Benton opens in New York.

-Swing is popularized by Benny Goodman.

Tortilla Flat -Romeo and Juliet, the Shakespearean play, has now become a ballet.

-Lawrence of Arabia (aka Col. T.E. Lawrence) dies as a result of the injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident.

-John Steinbeck releases his new novel, Tortilla Flat.

-Elvis Presley is born. 8/1/35

-Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, two of Hollywood's major players and two of the founders of Mutiny on the Bounty United Artists, have divorced after 16 years of marriage.

-Top Hat, starring dancing's top team, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, is released. The Marx Brothers star in A Night at the Opera. Mutiny on the Bounty stars Clark Gable and Charles Laughton, and earns an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Babe Ruth -Babe Ruth signs a three year contract as a player, manager and vice-president for the Boston Braves.

-Babe Ruth quits the Boston Braves, four months after signing his contract.

-Montreal Maroons beat the Toronto Maple Leafs and win the Stanley Cup.

-New auto speed record is set by Malcolm Campbell. The speed is 276.8 mph

Jesse Owens -Jesse Owens sets long jump record at 26.5 feet.

-Max Baer loses world heavyweight title to James Braddock.

-British Open golf title is won by Alfred Perry.

-At Wimbledon, Fred Perry beats Gottfried von Cramm in all three matches. (6-2; 6-3; 6-3). This is his second win at Wimbledon.

Lou Gehrig -In the ladies competition at Wimbledon, Helen Wills Moody beats Helen Jacobs, by defeating her in two of the three matches. (6-3; 3-6; 7-5). This is Moody's seventh title.

-Lou Gehrig sets record with 17 grand slams.

-Romain Maes, a Belgium cyclist, wins Tour de France.

-Artificial heart created, allowing vital organs of the body to remain alive outside the body. It was invented by Charles A. Lindbergh (famous pilot) and Alex Carrel, a Nobel Prize-winning scientists.

-Pure vitamin E crystals were isolated by scientist Herbert McLean Evans.