Edward VIII -King George V died. His eldest son, Edward VIII has been declared King of England.

-In the United States, veterans are offered immediate redemption of bonus certificates, as the House overrides Roosevelt's veto.

-Germany seeks colonies in an effort to have raw materials.

-Italy bombs Daggha Bur in Ethiopia. Italy claims victory in first major battle in Ethiopia. Italian soldiers killed 8 000 Ethiopian soldiers, taking more than 4 000 prisoner in Makale.

-Chaco War ends as Paraguay and Bolivia sign a peace treaty.

-Premier Pierre Laval of France resigns over his failures in the Ethiopian crisis.

-As rebels seize the capital of Paraguay, President Eusebio Ayala resigns.

-Nazis are restricted from entering Switzerland.

-Italians take Mt. Alaji in Ethiopia. 28/2/36

-President Roosevelt signs Neutrality Act, preventing the United States from loaning arms, money, etc. to countries at war.

Bombed City -In an ultimatum that the League of Nations sent to Italy, oil sanctions will be placed on the country if they do not end the war with Ethiopia. Italy ignores the ultimatum and bombs and destroys Harar.

-Hitler sends soldiers into Rhineland, violating Treaty of Versailles and Locarno Pact. This is the first aggressive move by Hitler. France nor the League of Nations forces Hitler to retreat.

-Construction of 38 warships is planned in Britain.

-The military draft has been reinstated in Austria, causing them to violate the 1919 Treaty of St. Germaine. 1/4/36

-Austria and Czechoslovakia sign a trade treaty.

-In Germany, the people who did not vote are forced to become unemployed.

-In South Africa, blacks are allowed to vote due to the passing of the Representation of Natives Act. However, they still are not allowed to hold office.

-Italian forces are ready to take the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, as Ethiopian forces crumble, leaving only a small police force protecting the capital. 30/4/36

-Turkey wants a revision of the act that took the Dardanelles from them, so that Turkey may have them back.

-Britain is asked to defend Belgium if invaded by the French.

Mussolini -Mussolini annexes Ethiopia, proclaiming himself emperor and keeping 400 000 Italians residing in Ethiopia. 9/5/36

-Britain attempts to discover Hitler's motivations and ambitions through a questionnaire that was sent to Hitler.

-The sanctions Britain placed on Italy for the war they had with Ethiopia have been removed. Roosevelt also has removed the bans placed on the countries and the U.S. is now allowed to sell arms to either country. The League of Nations has also abandoned Ethiopia with the abolishment of the sanctions.

US Virgin Islands -Virgin Islands have been granted, by the U.S. Congress, the right to elect their own legislature. 22/6/36

-The League of Nations has abandoned Ethiopia

-There is a mass production of gas masks in Britain, with hopes that one will be available for ever citizen.

-An uprising of the Spanish army in Morocco spreads to southern Spain. In Madrid, the revolt is crushed with an estimated 25 000 dead. The United States sends two warships to Spain to protect Americans trapped in Spain. The civil war is between the fascist army and the loyalists. 7/36

(Monarchists)(Fascists) (Republicans)(Democratics)
General Franco Loyalists
Support of Italy and Germany Support of USSR and International Brigade (Canada, US, etc. soldiers)

-Turkey is given the right to fortify the Dardanelles due to the Montreux Conference.

-Leon Blum asks European powers to take a non-intervention stance in the Spanish Civil war. United States takes a non-intervention stance in the civil war. If France continues to aid Madrid, Italy will offer air help to the Spanish rebels.

-Germany and Russia will not send arms to Spain.

Egypt -Egypt has been granted virtual independence, except that Britain will remain in control of the Suez Canal for 20 years.

-Italy sends more warships to Spain as an Italian citizen is murder in Barcelona.

-Syria and Lebanon have been promised independence in 3 years in a treaty that was signed with France.

-France plans to increase arms production in response to Hitler. Hitler, however, maintains that he is not planning a war, but simply maintaining that he has rights to colonies.

Franklin Roosevelt -Treaty of alliance is drafted between Hitler and Italian Foreign Minister Count Ciano. 25/10/36

-Roosevelt is elected president for the second time in a landslide. He received 523 electoral votes, while his opponent, Alfred M. Landon, received only 8. 3/11/36

-The German-Italian axis is formed between Germany (Hitler) and Italy (Mussolini).

-In the United States, a \\$1 billion rise in federal deficits is forecasted for 1937.

-Three countries, France, Switzerland and Holland, give up the gold standard.

-John Maynard Keynes publishes The General Theory of Empoyment, Interest, and Monetary. In the work, he provides his solution to the Great Depression, including raising the money supply, which will inturn lower interest rates and stimulating investment.

Kipling Book -Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Book and The Man Who Would be King, died at the age of 70 in London.

-The Volkswagen makes its debut in Germany.

-Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite opens in Monte Carlo.

-The latest dance craze, The Swing continues to sweep across the United States.

Modern Times -Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times is released. The film is in classic Chaplin style, with pantomime being used instead of talking.

-The Great Ziegfeld is released and goes on to win three Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress (Luise Rainer).

-Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers team up again, in their 6th picture together. Swing Time will go onto win an Oscar for Best Musical Song.

-Stanford wins Rose Bowl in a 7 to 0 victory over SMU.

Olympic Rings -Hitler opens 4th Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Then, in the summer, Berlin hosts 11th Summer Olympics. Despite Hitler's "perfect Aryan society" ideals, many Jewish and African Americans showed up on the United States team. 6/2/36

-At the Kentucky Derby, jockey I. Hanford wins with his horse Bold Venture.

-Max Schmeling wins world heavyweight title by beating Joe Louis in the 12th round.

-Belgian racer Sylvere Maes wins the Tour de France.

-New York Yankees win World Series against the Giants.

Ivan Pavlov -Ivan Pavlov, Russian physiologist, died. Pavlov was known for his conditioning of dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell

-Unmanned balloon reaches a record heigh of 25 miles in Russia.

-Cancer is cured in mice by atomic power.

-Painless pregnancy is possible with the use of new drugs.

-Autobahn, a highway system, in Germany is built. It provides German citizens with employment opportunities.