-A peace treaty has been signed between Britain and Italy in regards to the Mediterranean. 2/1/37

-The United States Congress has put a stop to all shipments being made to Spain and later bans all Americans from joining in the Spanish civil war.

-Interracial marriages in Italy’s North African colonies are banned.

-Belgium and Holland are guaranteed neutrality by Hitler

-Catholicism has been banned in Mexico by Vera Cruz.

-3 000 rebel forces in Ethiopia who were planning an attack on Addis Ababa have been killed by Italians.

-Riots in Paris leave 310 wounded.

-The president of the Phillippines, Manuel Quezon, asks the United States for full independence.

-At the France border, 29 Americans are being held. They were involved in the Spanish civil war, a violation against a law passed by Roosevelt.

Hindenburg Blows Up -An overthrow of Stalin is being called for by Leon Trotsky, now living in Mexico.

-Hindenburg is destroyed, killing at least 33 people on board.

-Hydrogen zeppelin flights have been banned from Hitler as a result of the recent Hindenburg crash.

Neville Chamberlain

-Neville Chamberlain becomes premier in Britain.

-In the USSR, 28 people are accused of being spies and are executed.

-In the USSR, 120 more people are executed for being alleged spies.

-At Peking, China and Japan battle.

-Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan have signed a non-aggression pact.

-In London, divorce reform is enacted.

-Mussolini receives note from British Prime Minister Chamberlain as a peace gesture.

-China and USSR sign non-aggression pact.

-Rebels in Spain have occupied Santander.

-Chinese coast has been blockaded by Japan.

-Japan attacks the city of Shanghai and prepares to take the city.

-Mao's red army has joined Chiang's in an effort to stop the Japanese invaders.

-League of Nations has granted Belgium a seat in the council.

-League of Nations tells Italy that if they continue to have troops in Spain, it will become involved.

Mussolini and Hitler -Hitler and Mussolini meet in Munich. Hitler’s claim for colonies is supported by Mussolini. Also, Germany and Italy will aid each other if attacked.

-United States publically states that Japan is an invader, forgetting the neutrality it wanted in the China-Japan war.

-Nationalists obtain control of northern Spain.

-62 more people are executed for being accused of being spies in USSR.

-Countries around the globe seek allies in fight against Communism and Fascism.

-Parents are taken away from their children in Germany for not teaching them Nazi ideology.

General Franco -Berlin and Tokyo are joined by Rome in the anti-Soviet pact.

-Spanish coast is blockaded by Franco.

-Nanking is occupied by Japanese army.

-Italy votes to leave League of Nations.

-In France, deputies have voted to spend 19 billion francs to match Germany's budget for military arms.

-Italy pays money for the number of children in a family, in hopes to promote births.

Georgia O'Keffe piece

-Georgia O'Keffe art exhibit opens in New York.

-21, 000 people pay 35 cents to see The Benny Goodman Band at the Paramount Theatre in New York.

Gone with the Wind -Babes in Arms, a Rogers and Hart musical, opens in New York.

-Gone with the Wind author, Margaret Mitchell, wins Pulitzer Prize for literature.

-The author of Peter Pan, Sir James Barrie, dies.

-Amelia Earhart is lost at sea, and the search for her has been called off. Earhart was attempting to circle the globe before her plane went down in the ocean.

John Steinbeck

-American composer, George Gershwin, has died.

-Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is published. Later in the year, it is staged in New York.

-Whistle While you Work and A Foggy Day in London Town are popular songs.

-Picasso paints portrait Guernica after seeing the horror that was caused by the Germans bombing Guernica in Spain.

-Jean Harlow, hollywood starlet and temptress, dies at the age of 26.

Snow White and the Seven DwarfsSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney’s first full-length feature production, is released.

-Camille is released. It will prove to be one of Greta Gabro’s greatest picture, earning her an Oscar nomination.

-A Day at the Races, starring the Marx Brothers, and Thin Ice premier.

-In the Rose Bowl, Washington loses to Pittsburgh, with Pittsburgh have a score of 21 over Washington's 0.

-Dorothy Round beats Jadwiga Jedrzejowska, to win Wimbledon. (6-2; 2-6; 7-5).

-Roger Lapebie, French cyclist, wins Tour de France.

-Joe Louis wins his first title defence against Tom Farr.

-New York Yankees win World Series.

-Nylon, a new thread, has been patented.

-Pituitary hormone has been isolated.