Jan 28, 2002
I re-worked the main page so that stupid scroll bar doesn't show up against the bottom. Re-designed the title so that it's actually legible. Hmm... added some stuff on my profile page, if anyone cares who bothered to do such a nice deed and help you study for your exams. Anyway, more to come, I'll get around to adding pictures to the 1926-1932 pages - eventually.
Oct 28, 2001
I changed the background back (sorry Jill!). I just think pink and green are so much prettier. I'm going to try to fix the index page graphic soon, and maybe the icons too. I guess I just got inspired by all the people who signed our guestbook. Glad we could help guys! Keep the feedback coming.

May 11, 2001
The background has been changed and also a guestbook, visible counter and updates page has been added. More to come in coming weeks.